You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Breathe in deeply, hold your breath for a second, gently open your lips apart, and let go. This soothing movement of breath is a constant reminder to connect to your body and be present.

Reiki can take you further into a deeper state of connection. Open up, soften, let it in.

What is Reiki?

A friend told me once

When I would reach my 30s, I would come to realise my spiritual path. Spiritual maturity is a concept, but I can definitely relate to this statement. It probably did take me that long to grasp an understanding of myself. I was asking myself, “Who am I? Where am I going? What is the point of living?” I meditated, I hesitated, I experimented. I know I still don't have all the answers, but I am loving the journey.

I am learning to accept myself physically and mentally

I understand I'm different, we all are, and I have goals other than starting a family and being happy. I want to go deeper, unravelling any stories, complexes, sources of stress and anxiety. I want to evolve through questioning, awkwardness and discomfort. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, and that's because what I want for myself, is what I also want for you if you wish to join me. Thanks to acceptance and love, we will find peace. As a whole, in unity, with each others' support, we will find balance.

Once we are truly at ease with ourselves...

We live beaming of gratitude and serenity. We grow, we nurture, and we blossom.

Reiki isn't the simple answer to all your problems.

Yes, the benefits of Reiki can range from helping with stress, insomnia, trauma, chronic pain to energy blockages, fatigue, foggy brain, depression; however there's more. Reiki can also shake your life, your habits, your energy level, your mood, your ability to say no. Most importantly, Reiki is a non-invasive, non-addictive energy healing technique that is a beautiful complement to any other kind of treatment (traditional medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, counselling, osteopathy, remedial massage etc).

So how does Reiki feel?

Reiki can be translated from the Japanese, where it traditionally comes from, to “spiritually guided life force energy”. During a session, Reiki practitioners act as a channel, tuning into this energy and guiding it in your body. Receiving Reiki can be quite an experience, the recipient usually feels warmth and tingling in some body part and leaves the session feeling relaxed. For me, it feels like coming home, bathing in unconditional love.

Managing expectations

When you book a healing session with me, I always ensure you know what to expect. I will give you some information about chakras and the crystals I may be guided to use and will happily answer any questions that may arise. After the session, whether you opt for a distance Reiki treatment or hands-on-healing (in person), I will give you the space to share your experience.

Few words about me

My name is Marion and some call me Cherry. I completed an associate diploma in Animal and Human Behaviour in France in 2011 and loved learning about Physiology and Neuro-Biology. After my studies, I travelled for a year, opening up to other cultures, slowing down and enjoying the richness of life. I also discovered that I was more interested in participating in people’s happiness. I went back to school and did an apprenticeship in... pastry! Smells, colours, flavours, textures... using the senses is an amazing way to be present. I landed in Australia in 2015, falling in love with the vibrant, multicultural and vegan-friendly Melbourne (and its inner north suburbs). A few courses of Reiki and Yoga later, I launched Cherry Healing, and my mission is “ to allow the energy to flow, for you to blossom and to grow”.

Core values


With empathy and kindness, I’ll hold a safe space for you to feel comfortable during our chats. I also value trust and non-judgment so you can fully open, accept whatever arises during the treatment, and really let go. Sounds, movements etc are always welcome.


I love exchanging tips and techniques to fit your needs while practicing non-attachment to the results. I believe it is important to enjoy the process first, creating durable, healthy habits and identifying triggers that lead to bringing you back to previous patterns.


Meditation and self Reiki allow me to get closer to my true-self and sharpen my intuition. After a healing session if you wish, we will chat about our interpretations and what resonates with yourself. Coming back to your intention and trusting Reiki's magic.

Services offered

Distance Reiki Healing

Get the full benefit of Reiki without leaving the cosiness of your home. Some additional information will be exchanged prior to the session to guide you to prepare and make this experience magical.

  • Initial session recommended in person
  • Follow-up session (75min): $90

In person Reiki Healing

Step into my sacred space and let yourself fully immersed in the experience. A great way to organise some me-time for self-care and wellness, away from the everyday distractions. Allow a 15min buffer after the session to avoid any rush.

  • Initial session (90min): $130
  • Follow-up session (60-75min): $90 - $110

Gift Cards

Send a gift card to friends and family or buy it now to treat your future self :)

Contact me

Cherry Healing is open for appointments only

Please let me know your preferred time for a booking request, if you are not available during the opening hours, I am flexible :)

Opening hours

3pm to 7.30pm
3pm to 7.30pm
1pm to 5.30pm

I acknowledge the traditional Custodians of the land on which Cherry Healing operates, and pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging. I commit to donate 1% of all revenue to Healing Foundation , to help close the gap.